Sunday, 31 January 2016

Introduction (শুরুর কথা)

It is not easy to write. I think ability to write is a special gift. Someone may think of many things but while it comes to the question of writing or speaking, output is very little. But of course things are not same for all. Otherwise, no writer, storyteller would born. Human civilization are influenced by those people. They live from century to century, country to country. These people are making the shape of the society starting from the beginning of human civilization. Actually what I am trying to say is I am not good at writing. I do not need to tell you this, eventually you will find it. Anyway, welcome to my blog. 

Let me start with the introduction. My name is Md Shah Nur Alam Sourav, yes, it is a large name. I am from Bangladesh. I was born in a small village in the district of Mymensingh. It was very early in the morning in my grandfather’s house (surely I cannot remember). The village is very beautiful surrounded by rivers, green fields and trees. I am running from my family since my childhood. When I was 11 years old, I left my home for study. I completed my Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. And now here I am in this project thousand miles away from home.

My project here is related to the concrete strength assessment in the existing building. World is moving towards the idea of reusing and sustainability. From that concepts, instead of constructing new structures and demolishing old ones, present structures are being provided importance for its safety against new use and design condition. Concrete strength is happened to be one of the most important factors in assessing those old structures. Many building collapse from time to time led to the necessity of assessment of concrete strength in structures. One of the most recent and dangerous collapse happened in Dhaka in 2013 killing more than thousand people made the engineers and researchers of this field to rethink about it. Several methods are in practice but till today there remains some questions about the reliability of these methods. This led me to work on the reduction of uncertainty in concrete strength assessment of existing building. I started here from mid November. 

When I came out of the door of the airport here in Dublin, I was welcomed by a cold breeze. At least I felt it cold. A new country, a new environment. I was kind of afraid, kind of excited, it was the feeling of exploration, discovering the new. Everything I see looks new to me, even when I see the sun, it looks different. Of course it is different, it seems that sun is tired of his age, it cannot stand straight, it lost all his power of youth or sun does not want to make any friendship with this part of the world so it keeps distance. I was grown up seeing the sun dictating from the above with its heat, power. It sometimes makes me sad when I do not see the sun continuously for some days. People there wake up with the rise of the sun, lifestyle is dependent on it. Even in winter, if there appears no sun in some day, life becomes stuck. It seems that energy of life has to be extracted from the sun.

It is difficult to express your inner thoughts in an informal way specially if you want to add some literary value. I hope you will overlook the mistakes. I do not know what is coming next. Thank you for your patience. 

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